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One To One Teaching For A Better Future

CLASS 1 – 12

Individual tuition for 1st grade to 12th grade.
CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Kerala State Syllabus

One To One Teaching For A Better Future

Individual tuition for 1st to 12th grade. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Kerala State Syllabus

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Get a Customised Curriculum from our mentors for free.


best tuition classes
best tuition classes

Angle is the most trusted learning platform for 1st to 12th-grade students. Our vision is to impart knowledge to every student who finds it difficult to cope up with the crowded classroom learning. With the help of the latest technologies in learning, we provide better understanding and more attention to students.

Get 0ne-to-one tutoring program for 1st grade to 12th-grade. Personalized tuition for the students for a better learning experience. We provide face to face tutoring assuring 100% quality.

one to one tutoring program for 5th to 12th grade in Kerala

Angle provides your kids with personalized learning for their endless curiosity. We make the learning fun filled with activity based learning and interactive content so that they learn effortlessly.

online individual tuition classes in kerala calicut

Is your child not able to understand a particular chapter or topic? Here we are with micro sessions to get them prepped up for exams. Our subject experts can teach you a single concept too.

best online tuition classes in kerala

The Mathematics Foundation Builder Program is designed to make your child curious and inquisitive about math. It covers all the basics required for students in one-to-one sessions. 

Maths foundation builder program

We prepare the kids by helping them use the language more confidently for both academic and non-academic purposes. A strong emphasis is given to developing communication skills of the students.

angle academy specialities
Coding for Kids (Coming Soon)

Coding for Kids (Coming Soon)

Let the kids explore the world of programming with the most sophisticated method & advanced technology. Early learning of coding gives a better understanding and improve problem-solving skills.

Agle Academy coding


maths tuition


maths tuition

One To One
Teaching Methods

Get one to one tutoring program for 1st grade to 12th-grade students. Personalized tuition for the students makes it a better learning experience. We provide face to face tutoring for assuring 100% quality.

best online tuition classes in Calicut Kochi



Angle provides truly qualified and trained faculty in every academic subject. All our teachers are experts in the organization of individual tuition, in particular on online platforms. We provide one-to-one attention to each student.

home work help from qualified tutors in Kerala

Regular Exams And Monthly Progress Monitoring System

To improve the quality of the students, continuous assessment and monitoring will be done regularly. Chapter-wise exams will be conducted for every subject. The performance will be noted and a progress card will be issued every month. PTA meetings will be held on a monthly basis.

live online tuition for Kerala syllabus cbse igcse icse students in Calicut Kochi

Customized Teaching

Each student has a different way of learning. It is difficult for the teachers to give individual attention to each student and give a customized teaching method. In our classroom, we provide a teaching curriculum for each student.

best online tuition in Calicut Kochi

Pay For Only What You Use

Instead of being confined by the monthly or yearly plans, now you can opt for classes at your convenience. attend our hour-long classes and pay only for what you attend.



maths tuition

Grade: 1st to 10th


Grade: 11th to 12th


*All fees are inclusive of 18% of GST

CBSE, ICSE & Kerala State

Grade: 1st to 10th


Grade: 11th to 12th


*All fees are inclusive of 18% of GST

IGCSE,IB & UK Curriculum


maths tuition

We provide up-to-date status of the classes and parents can get an idea of their children’s status. We provide a mobile application that makes it easy for students and parents to communicate and know the current status.

private home tuition in Kochi Kerala


maths tuition


maths tuition

A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. In ANGLE, we do have a complete plan for an entire academic year of the students.

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roadmap mobile-01


maths tuition
one to one live individual personalized tuition classes in Calicut Kochi Kerala


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Teaching is not only the part that we concentrate on, but gives utmost importance to maintain the student’s mental health at the time of exam. We provide expert advice to the students which will make them ease out from all the stresses and make them ready for their exams.

one to one live individual personalized tuition classes in Calicut Kochi

Career Guidance

career guidance icon

As education systems are diversifying and expanding, the creation of new jobs and opportunities are changing the way individuals make their career choices. We open their mind to a better world where they can explore different jobs which will suit their taste and personality.







Hours Delivered


Hours Delivered


maths tuition

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    Best Online Individual Tuition Classes!

    Are you tensed about your child’s academic future? But not anymore. Angle offers individual classes for each student. Through our one-to-one tutoring method, we will make your child’s future better and brighter. Individual tuition at Angle is a highly individualized and customized platform for all students, even while you are staying at your home. We provide truly qualified and trained teachers for every academic subject from 1-12 standards (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and Kerala State Syllabus). Angle is an online ONE-TO-ONE tuition platform with qualified trainers, so it’s really easy to access from ALL OVER THE WORLD.


    Also, we are doing special sections for kids in the foundation for every subject, a special foundation class for mathematics and English for 1st to 12th-grade students, and a session of an hour only to clear your doubts. All students are free to ask questions because their teacher maintains a very friendly atmosphere while studying. Since we are providing ONE-TO-ONE classes, the student gets 100% individual attention.


    Here, we deliver 100 % customized classes which are according to students’ convenience. Each student has the freedom to choose the time, subject, chapter, or topic according to their needs. We assist each student in preparing for the final exam through a number of analytical phases, including assessment tests, personalized curriculum preparation, learning, and frequent chapter by-chapter-wise exams, giving regular feedback to their parents, giving monthly report analyses, and a series of model exams.


    In ANGLE you can purchase hour-based classes as per the student’s requirements, so you have to pay only for what you use. Here there is no need to pay months, or year in advance. We are providing FREE DEMO classes so the parents can also have an idea about how our classes work.

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