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One teacher One student teaching program

One To One Teaching For A Better Future

CLASS 5 – 12



Individual tuition for 5th grade to 12th grade.
CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Kerala State Syllabus

One To One Teaching For A Better Future

CLASS 5 – 12



Individual tuition for 5th grade to 12th grade.
CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Kerala State Syllabus

One To One Teaching For A Better Future

Individual tuition for 5th to 12th grade. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Kerala State Syllabus

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Get a Customised Curriculum from our mentors for free.


maths tuition

Our centers are opened with all necessary COVID protocols

Temperature is checked

Temperature is checked

Wearing a mask is a must

Wearing a mask is a must

Hand sanitizers are provided

Hand sanitizers are provided

Social distancing in maintained

Social distancing in maintained


best tuition classes
best tuition classes

Angle is the most trusted learning platform for 5th to 12th-grade students. Our vision is to impart knowledge to every student who finds it difficult to cope up with the crowded classroom learning. With the help of the latest technologies in learning. We provide better understanding and more attention to students.

Online Live Individual Tuition

Online Live Individual Tuition

Get 0ne-to-one tutoring program for 5th grade to 12th-grade. Personalized tuition for the students for a better learning experience. We provide face to face tutoring assuring 100% quality.

one to one tutoring program for 5th to 12th grade in Kerala
Center-based Individual Tutoring

Center-based Individual Tutoring

If you are looking for centre-based, one-to-one tutoring, ANGLE is the best choice. Our educational hub provides effective offline tutoring to students from 5th grade to 12th grade.

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Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids

Let the kids explore the world of programming with the most sophisticated method & advanced technology. Early learning of coding gives a better understanding and improve problem-solving skills.

one to one tutoring program for 5th to 12th grade in Kerala

Micro Sessions

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Not looking for complete tutoring? But are you still wishing to get tutoring for a specific topic of your choice? We are ready to help you according to your need and time.

Doubt Clearance

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No more waiting to clear your doubts, clear your doubts within minutes. Just upload your doubts or questions to get the apt answers.

best cbse tuition in kerala


maths tuition


maths tuition

One To One
Teaching Methods

Get one to one tutoring program for 5th grade to 12th-grade students. Personalized tuition for the students makes it a better learning experience. We provide face to face tutoring for assuring 100% quality.

best online tuition classes in Calicut Kochi


Every student is unique and has multiple grasping capacities, to ensure the correct and customized curriculum for all students we conduct an assessment test at the time of admission.

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Regular Exams And Monthly Progress Monitoring System

To improve the quality of the students, continuous assessment and monitoring will be done regularly. Chapter-wise exams will be conducted for every subject. The performance will be noted and a progress card will be issued every month. PTA meetings will be held on a monthly basis.

live online tuition for Kerala syllabus cbse igcse icse students in Calicut Kochi

Customised Teaching

Each student has a different way of learning. It is difficult for the teachers to give individual attention to each student and give a customized teaching method. In our classroom, we provide a teaching curriculum for each student.

best online tuition in Calicut Kochi


ANGLE provides mentoring to the students for a bright future. Our expert guidance, especially an experienced person in the field will provide the best solution for your children which will make them ready to face the world of competitions.

Angle Academy - mentorship


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We provide up-to-date status of the classes and parents can get an idea of their children’s status. We provide a mobile application that makes it easy for students and parents to communicate and know the current status.

private home tuition in Kochi Kerala


maths tuition


maths tuition

A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. In ANGLE, we do have a complete plan for an entire academic year of the students.

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maths tuition
one to one live individual personalized tuition classes in Calicut Kochi Kerala


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Teaching is not only the part that we concentrate on, but gives utmost importance to maintain the student’s mental health at the time of exam. We provide expert advice to the students which will make them ease out from all the stresses and make them ready for their exams.

one to one live individual personalized tuition classes in Calicut Kochi

Career Guidance

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As education systems are diversifying and expanding, the creation of new jobs and opportunities are changing the way individuals make their career choices. We open their mind to a better world where they can explore different jobs which will suit their taste and personality.

home work help from qualified tutors in Calicut Kochi

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Success Rate


Success Rate


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    cbse online and home tuition in kerala
    cbse online and home tuition in kerala


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    One tutor, one student is the method of providing one-to-one attention in teaching and imparting knowledge. In this way, a teacher will be concentrating only on one student at a time, unlike in a classroom situation where the ratio is 1:30. By the one-to-one method, a child will get all the necessary attention and will help the child learn better.

    In a traditional classroom setup, it is obvious that a teacher has to cater to all the students. Each student is unique in her or his learning capability and therefore needs attention accordingly. The one-to-one method solves this problem by catering to teaching according to the capability of the child.




    Seven important facts you should know about one-to-one tutoring

    1. Less distraction
    2. Customizable according to students’ own pace
    3. Develop certain Skill Sets
    4. Deeper knowledge of academic lessons
    5. Flexibility in teaching
    6. More detailed feedback
    7. Help achieve academic goals easily



    “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn~ Ignacio Estrada

    85% of students get distracted within 25 minutes in a mass tutoring system. While most of the students can concentrate for more than 25 minutes in a one teacher one student method of teaching!!!

    Students get easily distracted in a traditional classroom setting. In such an environment, a child will not be able to grasp all the points taught and therefore give rise to frustration or disinterestedness in learning. One-to-one tutoring provides a positive environment without any distractions. However, shy students can benefit more from one-to-one tutoring since they can open up their feelings to their teacher confidently.





    “Every student can learn, just not on the same day or same way”~ George Evans

    We all are aware that in a classroom, there will be fast and slow learners. In such a situation, a teacher is helpless, as a teacher cannot cater to the needs of all the students. Whereas in a one-to-one tutoring method, a teacher can customize the lesson taught according to the needs of the student. This would in turn help a student to grasp and learn better.






    “You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives”~ Clay P Bedford

    Regarding one-to-one tutoring, a teacher can try to induce certain skill sets in students apart from academic subjects. The teacher can help develop communication skills, time management, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking in a student. The development of skill sets helps you to succeed as a child in many ways. These include improving your problem-solving capability, building confidence, and helping you to think in many ways to achieve your goals and make decisions on choosing certain choices of your life.



    “Teaching is not the mere imparting of knowledge but the cultivation of an inquiring mind”~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

    A teacher in a traditional classroom setup has a lot to teach during an academic year. She has to cater the academic lessons to all students in the class. Hence, we cannot expect her to teach in-depth as she has to complete the lessons in a specific time provided. In such a setup, everything has to be taught within a time limit. But in the case of one-to-one tutoring, the teacher can take as much time as needed. Furthermore, she can cater the in-depth knowledge of the lessons to the student. The one-to-one tutoring will allow the student to explore the topics more broadly, unlike from a mass tutoring setup.





    “We need standards with flexibility. Not standardization with force if we are to get the best from our teachers”~ Andy Hargreaves

    Flexibility in teaching is another advantage of one-to-one tutoring. A teacher can schedule the lessons according to the student’s convenient time as the teacher needs to focus only on that one particular student. In one-to-one tutoring, the student will not get pushed or forced to attend the lessons at a specific time unlike for the students in a mass tutoring setup. This advantage of one-to-one tutoring will make the student more comfortable in attending the lessons without being lazy since they can schedule it at their convenient time.


    “The value of new knowledge is greater to the person who already knows a lot. The more effort you put in, the more you get back per unit of effort. Knowledge violates the law of diminishing returns”~ Johnny Uzan




    From the perspective of teachers, if they are catering lessons, they should get the result in return from the student. They should get to know whether their teaching was worthy. Suppose if the teacher gets frequent feedback from the students, they can improvise their lessons accordingly. But it is often time-consuming, as for mass tutoring. Even if they manage to get feedback from the students, it is difficult to organize the lessons according to each student’s standpoint. When it comes to one teacher one student method of teaching, the teacher can communicate easily with that one particular student to whom she is catering the lessons and can improvise it according to the student’s needs.



    “Knowledge will bring you an opportunity to make a difference”~ Claire Fagin


    (add a picture suitable to goal achievement)


    A tutor in one-to-one tutoring can help the students in attaining their long-term or short-term goal in a more personalized way in which they could learn better. Unlike in a traditional classroom setting where all students have to pass the examination isn’t the only concern of a teacher when it comes to one teacher one student method of tutoring. It is hard for a teacher to look after each students’ goal setting and give solutions for it. However, it is possible for one-to-one tutoring. The student can personalize their lessons and goals by working closely with the teacher. The teacher and the student can frequently review his/her goal settings and can work on them

    It is apparent that one teacher, one student method of teaching provides a unique learning experience for the students. A teacher for a student can bring about drastic changes in his/her learning process. The teacher can construct the lessons according to the student’s own learning pace and has many other advantages that a student can benefit from one to one tutoring

    If you are in search of One-to-one tutoring for your child, Angle Belearn should be your first choice. To know more about Angle Belaern visit our site: 

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