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How Can You Achieve Over 90%
in Your CBSE Board Exams?

How Can You Achieve Over 90% in Your CBSE Board Exams?

Understand the CBSE Curriculum

Start your preparation by going through the CBSE curriculum. Identify the important topics, the weightage, and exam format. Prepare accordingly.

Create a Study Schedule

Develop a study plan allocating sufficient time for each subject, giving attention to challenging topics. Don’t forget to schedule proper breaks in between.

Use NCERT Books

Your NCERT textbooks are your most important study materials. Be thorough with them, prioritize the textbooks over other resources.

Prioritize Conceptual Understanding

Focus on grasping concepts thoroughly and building a foundational understanding of subjects. Avoid rote learning and memorization; prioritize comprehension for better retention and application.

Resource Selection

Make use of the resources such as guides, reference books and online resources. Use the sources recommended by your teachers or tutors. Ensure you are using the best up-to-date resource.

Regular Revision

Allocate time for consistent revision to reinforce learning and improve retention, making concise notes for quick reference during exams.

Reach out for Support

Seek help from teachers and classmates when you encounter difficult topics. Consider joining CBSE online tuition classes or tutoring for additional support outside the classroom

Discover Essential CBSE Topics for
Every Class Level in Saudi Arabia

Discover Essential CBSE Topics for Every Class Level in Saudi Arabia

Classes 1-4 (Primary Section)

Mathematics: Basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), shapes, and measurements.

Environmental Studies (EVS): Family and friends, food, water, shelter, travel, and things we make and do.

English: Reading and comprehension, picture composition, basic grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives), and writing simple sentences.

Hindi (or regional language): Basic grammar, reading, and writing.

General Knowledge: Awareness about immediate environment, national symbols, and basic facts about India and the world.

Classes 5-7 (Middle School Section)

Mathematics: Advanced arithmetic, fractions, decimals, basic geometry, and introduction to algebra

Science: Basics of Environmental Science, simple physics concepts (force, energy), introductory chemistry (states of matter), and biology (plant and animal life).

Social Studies: History (ancient civilizations, freedom fighters), Geography (maps, natural resources), and Civics (local government and community).

English: Advanced reading and comprehension, essay and letter writing, grammar and vocabulary.

Hindi (or regional language): Advanced grammar, essay and letter writing, literature.

Classes 8-12 (Secondary and Senior Secondary Sections)

Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, statistics, and probability (Class 10 onwards includes quadratic equations, arithmetic progressions, and coordinate geometry).

Science: Detailed study divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Topics include electricity and magnetism, chemical reactions, cell biology, and human physiology.

Social Studies: In-depth history (world history, national movements), advanced geography (climate, ecosystems), political science (Indian constitution, democracy), and economics (basic concepts, consumer rights).

English: Detailed literature study, advanced grammar and vocabulary, writing skills (articles, speeches, reports), and reading comprehension.

Hindi (or regional language): Detailed literature study, advanced grammar, creative writing.

Computer Science (Optional for higher classes): Basic computer operations, programming languages (like Python), and internet basics.