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Let the kids be Confident with English

ENGLISH Foundation Builder Program for Grade 1-12

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English foundation Builder program

Angle presents the English Masterclass Program to the kids from the handpicked experienced trainers. Your kid’s proficiency in the language opens doors to a broad range of opportunities. The course is tailored to fit each student’s way of learning.

We prepare the kids by helping them use the language more confidently for both academic and non-academic purposes. A strong emphasis is given to developing the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills of the student.

Where Can English Take Your Kids?

Improves speaking skills

Increases vocabulary

Develops reading skills

Build writing skills

Enhances listening skills

Improves pronunciation skills

English Foundation Builder

Curriculum Includes:

Speaking, Reading, Writing, Basic Grammer and Listening

25 hours program

One Teacher-One Student learning

Expert teachers

Live interactive

Personalized learning method

Daily problem solving practice

Scientifically designed syllabus