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Amish Affan


10th CBSE

Angle transformed my struggle with math into confidence. Personalized lessons and a supportive tutor made learning enjoyable and effective, fitting perfectly into my schedule.”

Sana Mariyam


10th CBSE

Angle‘s expert guidance in physics and chemistry improved my grades and interest. The flexibility and global perspective of my tutors have been invaluable.”

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12th CBSE

“I’m grateful to Angle for revolutionizing my study habits. Their personalized tutoring not only improved my grades but also my self-confidence.”

Finding the Perfect Match: Selecting
the Ideal Tutor for Your Child

Finding the Perfect Match: Selecting the Ideal Tutor for Your Child

Choosing the perfect online English tutor for your child is a hassle. Here are the most essential qualities to look for in the 1 to 1 english tutor

Patience and Understanding

Being patient, especially with struggling students or those learning slowly, is a valuable trait for effective teaching and fostering progress.

Subject Knowledge

Confirm that the tutor possesses high expertise, relevant qualifications, and degrees in English and teaching to ensure effective and quality instruction.

Teaching Experience

Prioritize english tutors with extensive experience in teaching English to students at your child’s level. Confirm their proficiency in online instruction for effective learning.

Communication Skills

Tutors must engage the student in English tutor class through lively conversation to boost language skills and confidence in speaking English. Good conversationalists make learning enjoyable.

Adaptability in Teaching

Tutors should adapt teaching styles to match student preferences and adjust lesson pace accordingly. Flexibility ensures effective learning tailored to individual needs.

Encouragement and Moral Support

Positive reinforcement and motivation empower students to excel in English. Moral support aids their academic journey, instilling confidence and resilience in overcoming challenges.


Seek tutors who utilize interactive activities, fostering enjoyment in learning English. Practical applications reinforce theoretical knowledge, enhancing comprehension and stimulating intellectual curiosity effectively.

What are the benefits of online
one-to-one English tuition

Online One-to-One TuitionTraditional Classroom or Group Online Tuition
Highly personalized attention catered to the needs of individual students.Generalized approach to meet the needs of all students, i.e, the average student
Tutors adjust the pace of the lessons to meet that of the studentA moderate pace stitable for all the students, no change in pace to suite each student
No distractions in the class and helps students focus on lessons better.Distractions from classmates and other external factors.
Comfortable environment to ask questions and concerns, aiding in doubt clarification and enhancing English skills..Children often feel shy to raise their doubts and disrupt the classroom flow and hinder the lesson.
Personalized feedback guides students in recognizing strengths and weaknesses, fostering growth and development in English.Teachers can only provide generalized pointers for improving strengths and weaknesses across the entire class.
Converses with student in English and encourages them, to bolster confidence and proficiency in the language.Tutors in a classroom cannot converse with each individual student.
Flexibility in scheduling for the comfort of the student.Students have to adhere to the schedule of the teacher.

8 Essential Strategies to Triumph
in Your English Language Test

8 Essential Strategies to Triumph in Your English Language Test

Analyze previous year papers to understand exam pattern and types of questions asked. Focus on topics that come up a lot.

Understand how you study best, make a learning plan. Keep working hard and take breaks, like 10 minutes for every hour of studying.

Read passages and poems, answer questions to boost comprehension. Focus on main ideas, details, and inferred meanings for better understanding,

Write essays, letters on different topics for clear, organized writing. Emphasize grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Practice common writing tasks (stories, essay, letter and diary entry) and review frequently asked topics.

Expand vocabulary with diverse words. Use flashcards or apps for practice. Practice grammar with exercises, focusing on tenses, parts of speech, and sentence structure.

Begin reading the supplementary novel early to avoid last-minute rush. Analyze characters, plot, and themes thoroughly for better understanding.

Thoroughly study prose and poetry lessons, analyzing poetic devices, themes, and messages conveyed. Understand and interpret content for comprehensive comprehension.

Practice with sample papers, mock tests, and previous year papers to simulate exam conditions and enhance time management. Review answers to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

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