How to Prepare Children for Exams

The examination period is the most stressful period of students’ academic life cycle.

Not only for them but parents are equally stressed.

Exams are the method for both the parents and teachers to gauge what a student has learned in an academic year.

Exams make a student learn study skills and learn from mistakes.

Through thorough practice and preparation, students feel confident to attend the exams.

And those students who fail in this feel the need to cheat.

Parents play a great role in making the child study during the exams.

Parents are always worried about their child’s future and they are aware of how important a child’s performance is.

Their marks determine what subjects they should choose in the higher classes.

And due to this both children and the parents are anxious and are stressed out.

Since children pick up very fast the parent’s anxiety is picked up by the children too.

Make sure that parents they should deal with their emotions first and then their children.

The following are some ways which can help a parent to help their children prepare better for the exams:

Don’t compare

Each child is special to their parents and frequent comparison can hurt your child.

It can demotivate them and they may lose interest in their studies.

The best way is to hire a tutor who can clear their doubts in the subjects where they are lacking.

Angle is the best option for online one to one tutors.

Their experts can help your child with the subjects where they are lacking. Every child is different.

You should understand that it’s not necessary that what other children feel easy is the same for your child too.

Avoid putting mental pressure

It is recommended that during exams don’t pressurize them by saying they should get a specific grade.

This can create mental stress which brings fear and anxiety.

Try to create a friendly environment at home so that they feel free to focus.

Avoid the distractions

Parents should confirm that they don’t play loud music or anything unwanted that distracts the child.

Make the home environment pleasant.

It’s often seen that parents watch the daily news at loud volume making the child distracted.

Make the child’s siblings also take care of this.

Don’t allow them to procrastinate

Some students have the habit of procrastinating.

They always do last-minute cramming, without knowing how important sleep is for exams.

They prefer to sacrifice sleep during their exams.

Experts say that this cramming is less productive.

Make your child understand the benefits of sleep during the exams.

Plan a study time

You can sit with your child and help them prepare a study calendar.

This should be according to their knowledge level of each subject.

Some subjects may require more time and some may require less.

Try to adjust the time accordingly.

Let them stay healthy

Avoid making your child eat junk food.

It’s preferable to eat home-cooked food and nutritious food.

Experts say that junk food impairs their ability to think and remember.

This causes impaired memory too.

And make them hydrated.

Let them be an active learner

Your child should be an active learner rather than a passive one.

Maybe your child likes flashcards and something visual which makes them understand better.

Help them in preparing these aids.

You can discover a new learning style that fits your child.

Angle provides tutors with expertise in students’ learning patterns.

They help each student by teaching them in a pattern that is easily understood by each student.

This is prepared by a personalized study plan prepared by the mentor and the tutor.

Take a break

It’s recommended to take breaks in between the studies.

You can brisk walk with them or make them have a snack in between.

It shouldn’t be something heavy that makes them full and makes them lose interest in studies.

They can be given nuts, fruits, or juices.

Don’t make them completely exhausted during the exam day.

Organize the study space

You should make sure that the desk has enough space for their things.

Their chairs should be restful and there is enough light in the room.

There is a possibility of feeling sleepy and dim lights are not recommended for the eyes too.

Don’t discuss the question paper

It’s often seen that some parents have the habit of discussing the question paper as soon as they have done the exams.

And this makes your child more stressed out and it will badly affect the next exams too.

Try to discuss when all the exams are over.

We know how important a career is and we know equally that parents can provide the best guidance and career planning assistance.

But make them stressed out with your worries. Each child is unique.

It’s possible that they can excel in another area apart from education.

Angle provides the best tutors for your child for assisting them in exam preparation.

Students have the right to clear doubts about any area of the subject.

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