One-to-one Tutoring The New Trend in Education

Aarav, a fifth-grade student, used to come home frustrated, complaining that he doesn’t want to go to school anymore.

Each day morning he would make excuses for stomach pain or headache.

When his parents asked what was the reason for his behavior he said he felt stupid and felt that the school wasn’t for him.

When all the students used to do their work fast he was unable to catch up with them. He always seemed to be left out.

After one to two meetings with his teachers, they could find out that he was a brilliant student but the problem was he needed a little more time to understand a concept than others.

And his teacher, without being aware of this, used to move forward with the lessons when the majority of the class may have finished the work.

Here the teacher cannot be blamed.

It’s quite impossible to pay attention to each and every student in a massive classroom.

Those students who generally take a little longer to grasp a concept require a large amount of attention from the teachers.

They may fail their test and get irritated if they are not provided with the attention they require.

One to one guarantees that each student engages with the teacher on an individual basis, allowing them to study and comprehend subjects at their own pace and in their own style.

Although many educators define one to one training as individual students engaging with the computer screen and using technology to deliver tailored instruction, ANGLE provides one to one instruction in the form of a single teacher working with a single student.

Each class is specifically tailored to the needs of that particular learner.

What do you mean by one to one tutoring?

One to one instruction refers to a student learning from and interacting with a teacher on an individual basis, with instruction suited to the student’s unique learning needs and pace.

This type of education has been successful because mentors not only assist the student in their school work but motivate them to succeed in life.

Let’s find out how one to one tutoring can help your child to learn well.

1. Personalized classes

When your child is the only one in the class, the tutor knows how to best teach your child.

There are many various ways to teach and learn and almost everyone has experienced each of them at some point.

The majority of students have a learning style that makes it easier for them to comprehend the material.

Personalization has the power to change a student’s motivation, improve his or her skill set and increase potential success.

2. Assessment tests

In one-to-one study programs, each student is trained to get prepared for the exams.

And therefore great care is taken to help every student significantly increase their scores.

ANGLE provides programs with a wide range of standardized assessment tests.

Students are trained to overcome test-taking anxiety and freezing on tests.

A skilled tutor can help you with more than just the test.

When test prep appears overwhelming and challenging, they can provide you with insight, motivation, and support.

3. One to one approach

In one-to-one tutoring, a tutor always begins an activity at a point where the student can succeed and provides support when moving to more difficult tasks.

A tutor is able to determine whether the student who doesn’t understand the material is struggling to concentrate or he is lacking an appropriate background for any given assignment.

4. Skill development

Assisting the student in developing self-esteem is an important aspect of personality development.

A good tutor can assist the student to develop self-esteem and confidence by complimenting them on their efforts and positive attitude.

Tutors strive to help the student to develop a kind, honest and respectful personality.

5. Academic lessons

Exams are a stressful period in any student’s academic life.

Only a good tutor can help students effectively prepare for their upcoming exams.

The tutors train them based on their learning styles, age, subject matter, and even personality.

Online tutoring helps a child to learn in a familiar environment and benefit from one to one attention.

5. Best time to study

Establishing the optimum time for you to study takes patience and effort.

Mornings are better for some people than evenings or nights for studying, while evenings or nights allow others to focus better on their studies.

Online classes help a student select his or her best time to study.

This gives him the freedom of actually deciding his perfect timing for studying.

5. Feedback

Feedback can help students understand where and how they might develop, as well as boost their drive to put up the effort necessary to improve.

The feedback given by tutors can be used by students to engage in metacognitive processes like goal setting, task planning, monitoring, and reflection, all of which are critical abilities for self-regulated learning.

6. Academic goals

Many students may not have the tools they need to define academic goals or the techniques they need to implement change and work towards those goals.

Tutors can provide structure to assist students in setting academic goals that are both practical and suitable.

It’s crucial to remember that goal setting isn’t something to do at the start of the school year, it’s something you do all year.

7. Tools to conduct classes

An excellent tutor may make a significant impact on how a student understands lessons and apply them in real life.

The key to assisting students in having a fruitful learning experience is to get to know them and use the appropriate teaching style.

Given its relevance, a good tutor should devise strategies to assist the students in getting the most out of their studies.

Even though the curriculum has extremely clear educational criteria, the one-to-many classes are almost unable to provide the individual learning experience that is required.

One-to-one tutoring offers a unique opportunity to assist students in overcoming those challenges and achieving their goals, even when they appear unattainable.

ANGLE provides a tutor matching, teaching methods, and adaptation of material that really works.

There is no comparison to the customized, individualized, and undivided attention they provide to students.

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Ashique Muhammed

Head of Mathematics Department | Angle Belearn

For the past 12 years, Ashique has been a maths teacher. He leads mathematics department at Angle Belearn. With an A1 mark on both her 10th and 12th board exams, Ashique has an excellent academic record. Along with that, he achieved outstanding results in the All India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE), the State Entrance Exam (KEAM), and the CUSAT entrance exam. With one-on-one instruction, he wants to make math simpler for every learner.

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