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Relieve Your Parental Worries!
Secure Top Grades With
Individual Online Home Tuition in Saudi Arabia!

Expert Teachers

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Flexible Timings

Interactive Learning

Mubeena MoiduMubeena Moidu
10:21 15 Jun 23
Angle BeLearn Individual Tuition Centre is a great resource for students because the students are able recieve one-on-one attention from the tutor and the classes are tailored to each student based on their needs. I have been teaching at Angle BeLearn for more than a year and being able to focus on a single student, making sure that they get the best learning experience and seeing them improve has been very fulfilling. I am also able to build good relationships with the students. I would whole heartedly recommend Angle BeLearn to any parent or student aiming to recieve excellent education at the hands of talented and dedicated teachers. I am also grateful to the management of Angle BeLearn for providing such an opportunity for students as well as teachers.
07:40 07 Jun 23
As a teacher at Angle BeLearn Individual Tuition Centre, I have had the privilege of working in an environment that truly values education and strives for excellence. The team of tutors at Angle BeLearn is highly qualified and dedicated. They possess a deep understanding of the subjects they teach and are skilled at explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. they genuinely care about the progress and well-being of their students. I have witnessed firsthand the efforts made by the tutors to build strong relationships with the students, creating a supportive learning environment.the centre covers a wide spectrum of subjects to cater to the diverse needs of its students. The management's commitment to excellence, comprehensive subject coverage, and emphasis on regular assessments make it an excellent choice for students seeking quality tuition services. I would highly recommend Angle BeLearn Individual Tuition Centre to parents and students looking for a dedicated, student-centered approach to education.
shabna kshabna k
11:54 30 Sep 22
As a teacher at angle I must admit that the institution works in favour of both the student's and teacher's alike. Moreover they have their own set of study materials, question papers, quick revision notes and solutions which is helpful for both students and teacher's.Since they provide one to one teaching facilities, it would be quite easy for a teacher to understand the students level thus enabling them to take class in students pace. Moreover there is regular supervision on students achievement and attendance. Thus provided an constructive climate for all.All the departments give their best so as to fulfill their motto and vision.
anagha aravindanagha aravind
08:35 30 Sep 22
I am really happy to be the part of Angle. One teacher for one student is really good concept. All students will get individual attention. Flexible schedule for both students and teachers. Thank you Angle for giving me a wonderful opportunity and experience in the field of teaching.
Zubair K VZubair K V
06:40 01 Jul 18
Angle tuition centre provide regular tuition for classes 5 to 12 in Science commerce and humanities for State CBSE ICSE and IGCSE. They have special scheme to complete all subjects in 2 months core individual coaching by one student one teacher method


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Bringing Quality Education to Your Doorstep!

Saudi Arabia, the land of the world’s largest desert and oasis, and the origin place of Islam, is now moving towards progress and innovation. As such education has also become a focus and priority in Saudi.

To stay ahead in this competitive environment, students need extra care and attention. Online private tutors in Saudi Arabia help with giving personalized attention to students by providing them with face-to-face tutoring.

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Unlocking Learning Potential:
The Rise of Online Personal Tuition Classes!

Unlocking Learning Potential: The Rise of Online Personal Tuition Classes!?

As parents are now becoming more aware of the benefits of online tuition classes for their children, this modern and smart way of learning is gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia.

Online Home Tuition

Learn at your own pace

Cost effective tutors and study materials.

Schedule classes at your own free time at the comfort of your own home.

Parents have the opportunity to One teacher for one student.

Offline Tuition

Need to follow the pace of teachers or the rest of the class.

Offline private tuitions can be costly.

Location and timings can be non- manageable to some.

One teacher for many students.

Overcoming Challenges – Individual Online Home Tuition Tailored for Your Child’s Success!!

Why Online Tuition Platforms are Best for Students: Angle's One-to-One Tutor, Shreya, Explains the Effectiveness of Online Tuition Nowadays

Procrastination: Regular sessions with online tutors create a sense of responsibility and motivation. Tutors will also provide strategies to overcome procrastination.

Lack of Practice: Online classes offer interactive exercises, quizzes and regular practice sessions to enhance practice experience

If Your Child is Seeking Too Much Advice: Online classes simplify the learning process so that students do not need to seek unreliable advice.

Try to Cover Too Many Books: We will provide learning materials so that our students don’t have to go through the hazel of referring too much books.

Unlocking Success Through One Teacher,
One Student Approach!

Unlocking Success Through One Teacher, One Student Approach!

Better Understanding: Simpler method of explanation provides better understanding.

Immediate Support: Students can clear their doubts almost instantly as there is help 24/7.

Individual Attention: Private tutors provide individual attention.

Flexible Timings: Students can learn in their own free time and avoid the hazard of traveling and being late.

You can see Anjali, highlighting the benefits of one-to-one tuition: individual attention, customized teaching methods, and coverage of diverse subjects and educational boards.

Empowering Your Child: Angle’s
Tailored Approach for Exam Success!

Empowering Your Child: Angle’s Tailored Approach for Exam Success!

Angle tuition academy supercharges your child by giving personalized attention to students by providing them with a face-to-face tutor and providing the best study materials available along with regular feedback.

Key features of Angle tuition:

Personal Tuition Teacher: Angle online tuition academy provides private tutors according to your individual needs. They will structure the materials to your own learning pace and needs.

Customized Tuition: If an online tutor is required only for certain subjects such as for math tuition, you can customize your classes by contacting our Angles online home tuition team.

Weekly Progress Report: Angles online tuition academy reports the weekly progress and performance to students and their parents.

Doubt Clearance: We assign every student with online face to face private teachers to whom students can easily interact and ask questions. This helps them learn better.

Study Materials and Notes: We provide high standard notes and study materials crafted by our expert team. Samples of such can be downloaded from our Angle’s online tuition website.

Optimal Learning, Exceptional Results
with Online Tuition Classes!

Optimal Learning, Exceptional Results with Online Tuition Classes!

In order to excel in tough exams of CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and other boards, angle tuition provides individual online tuition classes from a professional tutor. Online tuition Saudi Arabia tries to understand the needs of students and act as a mentor to help them reach their destination.

CBSE Online Tuitions

We provide a high-quality and simplistic method of teaching for CBSE classes 1-12 in a way that students can learn & understand each subject effectively.

IB Online Tuitions

Experienced tutors with understanding of the IB program and specialized IB curriculum focus help students do exceptionally well in every subject.

IGCSE Online Tuitions

Angle online tuition offers tailored learning experience and resources that align with the IGCSE syllabus, which gives a deeper understanding of the subjects and allows students to excel.

ICSE Online Tuitions

Targeted guidance from experienced tutors can greatly enhance understanding and performance in ICSE exams.

6 Reasons Why Our Individual Online
Private Tutors Stand Out!

6 Reasons Why Our Individual Online Private Tutors Stand Out!

Angle individual tuition has become popular because we provide the best online private tutors who are verified and equipped with modern teaching tools by us. Instead of spoon feeding, through one on one interactions our tutors will better understand your children’s needs and help them learn and apply themselves.

This is why were preferred:

Expert Teachers

We prove the best tutors who have great expertise and will make even complex theories and concepts easy to understand.

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Students themselves can select tutors based on how they feel who is best for them.

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Our method is to individualize our students and provide them with tools that best fit them to thrive in academics.

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Tutors we provide are qualified people in their area of expertise(subject), who are verified by us.

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Pay Per Use

No monthly or yearly fees. Only pay for what you need only.

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Real-time Tracking

Students and parents can track real time progress.

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Master Any Subject: Elevate Learning with
Angle’s Online One-to-One Tuition Classes!

Master Any Subject: Elevate Learning with Angle’s Online One-to-One Tuition Classes!

We provide online one on one tuition to students from all over the globe. Our services are now available in Saudi Arabia so that your children can learn any subjects from any board of education.
Our most in demand services are in:

CBSE Board

ICSE Board


ISC Board

IB Board

GCSE Board


Cambridge International Board

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Illustration of Angle's one-to-one tuition mobile application, showing real-time class updates and easy communication between students, parents, and tutors

Learn with The Best Online Tuition App in Saudi Arabia!

In addition to our online tuition website we now have our new tuition app – Angle Belearn. Now you can access our classes and materials anywhere anytime in your smartphones.You can now have less worry about online class scheduling as you can now fit your classes into your busy life. Our app makes your learning progress much easier and more flexible.

Anywhere Anytime!

Angle’s online tuition classes can access anywhere any time if you have roper internet connection and PC/Tab/Mobile phone.

Countries We Are Dominating









High-Demanding Subjects We Teach


Math Foundation







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Hear From Parents!

ANGLE helped my son to strengthen his basics and to know his weaknesses.

Suresh Babu, parent of Yathin, sharing a testimonial about the effectiveness of ANGLE's one-to-one tuition classes in strengthening educational foundations and identifying weaknesses

Suresh Babu

Parent Of Yathin Suresh

Since classes are one to one he could ask all the doubts without any hesitation.

PP Abdul Latheef Talks About -Angle Academy He is Parent Of Hasil P P

Abdul Latheef

Parent Of Hasil P P

Classes were customized according to his abilities, which was really helpful.

Preetha, parent of Adarsh, shares the benefits of ANGLE's one-to-one online tuition platform, offering customized classes to enhance abilities


Parent Of Adarsh

See How Angle Belearn Transformed
Education for Students Like Yours!

See How Angle Belearn Transformed Education for Students Like Yours!

Amish Affan, a CBSE Class 10th student, achieves outstanding 97% score with the help of ANGLE's personalized one-to-one online tuition classes

Amish Affan



Class 10th

Sana Mariyam, a CBSE Class 10th student, achieves an outstanding 97.4% score with the help of ANGLE's personalized one-to-one online tuition classes.

Sana Mariyam



Class 10th

Zaheen Zameer, a CBSE Class 12th student, achieves an impressive 93% score with the help of ANGLE's personalized one-to-one online tuition classes.

Zaheen Zameer



Class 12th

Arjun Sreeraj, a CBSE Class 12th student, achieves an impressive 93% score with the help of ANGLE's personalized one-to-one online tuition classes.

Arjun Sreeraj



Class 12th

Hear More From Our Satisfied
Students & Parents!

Hear More From Our Satisfied Students & Parents!

“I was struggling in biology. My tutor was able to help me using graphs and 3D models.”

Rania Nasar

9th Grade


“My daughter was able to be better at math, with the help of Angle’s online tutors. They gave her step by step solutions which increased her understand it better

Father of Lubna Rahman

9th Grade


“Angle’s online private tutors helped me to learn the subject in an easy and comprehensive way. They kept me motivated. I am truly thankful”

Hamad Al Marar

11th Grade


APJ Abdul Kalam Awards 2023!

Our CEO, Ashique Parvesh, accepting the esteemed Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Global Education on behalf of Angle Belearn from Mary Kom in Delhi

Our CEO, Ashique Parvesh, accepting the esteemed Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Global Education on behalf of Angle Belearn from Mary Kom in Delhi.

Media One Edukerala report on Angle belearn online classes in India and GCC Countries

Featured On!

The Daily Metro
Central Herald
Deccan Express
NCR Chronicle
Satta Express
Daily Hunt

Our Online Tuition Fee Structure in Saudi Arabia!

We offer personalized tuition that is tailored to your child’s individual needs. This means that our fee structure is not the same for everyone. It depends on your child’s grade level, the syllabus they are following, the subjects they need help with, and the number of classes they need per week.

To get a personalized quote for your child’s tuition, please contact our academic counselor at +91 8594000416. They will be able to answer any questions you have and help you find the right tuition plan for your child

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Angle’s online education with expert teachers provides you with an extremely amazing studying experience. Even if the students are weak in any academic subjects, we have pro teachers to make their difficulties easy. Our teachers make the environment so friendly and comfortable that the students can feel free to ask their doubt and clarify it with confidence.
Here we assure the students 100% individual attention from the teachers, which they fail to get during their regular school time. In Angle, we provide customized online one-to-one classes for grades 1st to 12th (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, and State Syllabus) students in Saudi Arabia.
As per the student’s requirements, they can choose the time of the class according to their availability. Angle also provides classes for single subjects as well.

What are the requirements of ANGLE online classes?

Smartphone / Laptop /pc /tablet and internet connection.

What is the time duration for the completion of the syllabus?

It depends on how fast the student grasps the topic. We will inform you of the average time after the assessment test.

Where can I access the classes?

You can access our online classes from all over the world. Our centre-based classes are located at Calicut.

Are batch classes provided?

No. We only provide individual classes.

What will be the timing of the class?

The schedule is completely customizable at students’ convenience. We are available 24*7, so you can choose a preferred time and day for your classes.

Is there any provision for canceling a scheduled class?

Yes. You can cancel the class. But you need to inform the mentor at least 4 hrs. earlier.

Is there any provision for taking the class only for one topic?

Yes. Students can choose any particular chapter or portion for their class.

Where can I track my exam results?

Parents and students will get the monthly report card with all the exam results. They are also available in the mobile application.

Are the examinations free?

Yes. All the examinations are free of cost.

Do I need to enroll in all subjects?

No. All subjects are available here and you have the provision to choose any subjects that you are facing difficulty. You can add any in the future if you want to.

Do I have to pay for the demo class?

No. It’s free of cost

How will I be notified about the class?

Parents and students can log in to the mobile application to know about the schedule. Class schedules are notified through SMS also.

Are recorded classes available?

No. We provide live one-to-one classes. Students have the provision to record live online classes.

Get Your IGCSE Tuitions Anywhere!

Locations We Are Dominating In India!

Didn’t See Your Location? Don’t Worry, You Only Need A PC/Tab/Smartphone

Angle’s innovative online platform brings top-notch education right to your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world.

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