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Struggling with Complex Subjects? Falling Behind in School?

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We understand how difficult it is for students in crowded classrooms to grasp their lessons, especially with challenging subjects like physics and math.

Confused by Physics Topics? Lagging Behind in Class?

As parents, you want the best for your child, and we at Angle Belearn offer a solution to overcome the struggles faced in large class environments.


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Don’t fret over your child’s challenges in physics. Our tailored individualized physics tuition online provides a solution to your worries.”

Is Your Child Struggling
to Learn Physics?

Students find physics to be one of the hardest subjects to study due to its difficult concepts and complex problem solving.
As a parent, watching your child struggle with physics can be quite challenging.
We understand these struggles and aim to provide tailored solutions for both students and their parents.

Is Your Child Struggling to Learn Physics?

Complex Concepts

Physics has many complicated theories and challenging principles which can be difficult for some students to grasp without proper guidance catered to their needs.

Mathematical Intensity

Physics demands strong math and problem-solving skills, presenting a barrier for students to grasp the subject’s practical applications.

Abstract Nature of Topics

Physics concepts are abstract, challenging some students to visualize and understand phenomena beyond our natural senses, hindering their comprehension.

Limited Practical Application

Physics is a difficult subject for some students to connect the concepts taught in class to their real world applications, affecting their overall understanding.

Inadequate Resources

Without access to textbooks, videos, online materials and other interactive tools, students face obstacles in exploring and reinforcing their understanding of physics concepts.

Classroom Environment

Classroom distractions and inability of teachers to adapt their teaching methods to cater to individual learning needs, hinder full concentration and understanding in physics.

Parental Challenges in Teaching
Physics to Student

Parental Challenges in Teaching Physics to Student

Parents often face challenges assisting their children in physics due to limited subject knowledge or time constraints. They may not be the best teachers and can feel helpless, unable to fully support their child.

Limited Understanding

Parents may have only a limited knowledge or understanding of complex physics concepts, making it challenging to assist their children effectively.

Outdated Knowledge

Parents may not be up to date with the changes in curriculum of physics and the new teaching methods.

Time Constraints

Parents, with hectic schedules and responsibilities, often lack time to assist children with physics homework and concepts, creating additional challenges.

Lack of Resources

Parents, especially those not in the education sector, may struggle to identify suitable resources like books, online tools or apps to support their child’s physics learning.

Difficulty Explaining Abstract Concepts

Parents may find it challenging to explain abstract physics concepts in simple terms, hindering their ability to help their children understand.

Teaching Style of Parents

Parents might lack the teaching skills to adapt and customize lessons for their child’s needs, posing challenges in supporting their child’s growth in physics.

Difficulties in Tutoring

Tutoring is demanding; amid busy schedules, parents who are also tutoring their child, may feel frustrated and concerned about their child’s progress, adding stress to responsibilities.

Difficulty Monitoring Progress

For parents, tracking a child’s academic progress in crowded classrooms is challenging. Lack of transparency makes it hard to gauge their success.

Unanswered Questions and Frustration

It’s disheartening when your child’s doubts go unanswered, especially in large classes where seeking clarification becomes challenging for them.

“We understand the complexities of the subject and aim to ensure their academic success with one to one physics tuition classes and effective teaching methods.”

Don’t Worry We Can Help Your Child with online one to one tuition for Physics!

Individualized Homework Help

Tutors guide through problems, providing tailored assistance for your child and reinforcing the learned concepts for effective homework completion.

Personalized Attention

Tailored teaching approach to individual needs and learning style of the student to ensure maximum comprehension using suitable examples and explanations.

Customized Learning Plans

Detailed study plans crafted based on a thorough assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses for a focused and efficient learning journey.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Students have the freedom to choose lesson times that align with their daily routines, providing convenience and reducing scheduling conflicts.

Access to Expert Tutors

Students learn from our highly skilled online physics tutors, experts in physics with extensive knowledge, ensuring a comprehensive and effective understanding of the subject.

Clarification of Doubts

Online tutors encourage students to voice concerns and ask questions, ensuring lessons progress without any misconceptions hindering the learning journey of your child.

Focus on Weak Areas

Online tutors identify specific areas where the student is struggling and provide targeted support, allowing for comprehensive improvement in the overall understanding of physics.

Give Your Child The Best Possible Support From A Qualified Physics Tutors!

Our Team have

Subject Expert Online Physics Tutor

Our online tutors are highly qualified physics educators with advanced degrees, dedicated to fostering students’ understanding through exceptional knowledge and specialized teaching.

Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education
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Our Tutors are

Highly Experienced Trainer

Our experienced tutors bring their vast knowledge and expertise, creating an enriched learning environment that enhances the educational journey for students.

Our tutors are

In-depth knowledge

With in-depth subject knowledge, they provide students with a comprehensive understanding, offering expert insights and thorough expertise to improve learning.

Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education
Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education

Our tutors are

Top University Qualifier

Our tutors have qualified from prestigious universities, bringing a high standard of education and excellence to teaching and academic expertise.

Our tutors are

Subject Mastery

Our online physics tutor have expert mastery over complex principles of the subject, and strive to pass on this expertise to the students.

Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education
Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education

Our tutors are

Problem-Solving Skills

Our teachers especially focus on nurturing students’ mathematical and problem-solving skills, crucial for mastering physics, fostering improved comprehension and problem-solving capabilities.

Our tutors are

Adaptability of Tutor

Our tutors are experts at adapting teaching styles and techniques, ensuring flexibility to meet your child’s unique learning needs, providing personalized and effective education.

Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education
Secure your child's future through individual online tuition, a wise investment in education

Our tutors are

Deep Understanding of Student Psychology

Our teachers possess a profound understanding of student psychology, considering the pressures students face, ensuring mindful teaching that caters to mental well-being.

How to Choose The Best Tutor for Your Tuition for Physics?
7 Key Points to Consider!

How to Choose The Best Tutor for Your Tuition for Physics? 7 Key Points to Consider!

Embark on the journey of finding the perfect online physics tutor with our guide, ensuring tailored support and academic success for your child.


Verify the tutor’s academic credentials, specifically in physics or a related field. Check for additional certifications to assess their subject expertise.

Teaching Experience

Assess the tutor’s teaching experience, especially in online settings. A strong tutoring history and additional teaching certifications can indicate the quality of lessons.

Interactive Teaching

Look for tutors who engage students with hands-on interactive activities, making learning enjoyable and reinforcing theoretical knowledge through practical applications, enhancing overall understanding.

Clear Communication

The tutor should be skilled in simplifying complex ideas, ensuring students understand the material, laying a strong foundation in physics, and aiding comprehension.

Problem-Solving Skills

Physics demands teaching effective problem-solving techniques, empowering students to confidently tackle challenges with heightened analytical skills and self-assurance.

Real-world Applications

Tutors must relate theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, aiding students in grasping the practical relevance of physics in everyday life, enhancing their appreciation for the subject.

Open Communication with Parents

Tutors must regularly update parents on their child’s progress, challenges, and achievements, fostering a collaborative relationship that enhances the student’s learning journey.

Important Topics to
Learn in Physics!

Important Topics to Learn in Physics!

Navigating the vast landscape of physics, it’s crucial to focus on key topics that form the foundation of understanding. Let’s explore the pivotal concepts that serve as building blocks for a comprehensive grasp of physics.


Newton’s laws of motion

Kinematics (motion in a straight line and projectile motion)

Forces and equilibrium

Work, energy, and power

Circular motion


Laws of thermodynamics

Heat and temperature

Heat transfer

Thermal expansion


Coulomb’s Law

Electric charges and fields

Electric potential and capacitance

Magnetic fields and forces

Electromagnetic induction


Reflection and refraction

Lenses and mirrors

Light and color

Wave nature of light


Characteristics of waves

Sound waves

Interference and diffraction of waves

Modern Physics

Photoelectric effect

Dual nature of light and matter

Special theory of relativity

Nuclear Physics

Structure of the atom


Nuclear reactions

Fluid Dynamics

Properties of fluids

Bernoulli’s equation

Archimedes’ principle

Simple Harmonic Motion

Periodic motion

Springs and pendulums

Electric Circuits

Series and parallel circuits

Ohm’s Law

Kirchhoff’s laws

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Ampere’s Law

Faraday’s Law

Electromagnetic induction

Kinetic Theory of Gases

Ideal gas laws

Molecular kinetic theory

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