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Mubeena MoiduMubeena Moidu
10:21 15 Jun 23
Angle BeLearn Individual Tuition Centre is a great resource for students because the students are able recieve one-on-one attention from the tutor and the classes are tailored to each student based on their needs. I have been teaching at Angle BeLearn for more than a year and being able to focus on a single student, making sure that they get the best learning experience and seeing them improve has been very fulfilling. I am also able to build good relationships with the students. I would whole heartedly recommend Angle BeLearn to any parent or student aiming to recieve excellent education at the hands of talented and dedicated teachers. I am also grateful to the management of Angle BeLearn for providing such an opportunity for students as well as teachers.
07:40 07 Jun 23
As a teacher at Angle BeLearn Individual Tuition Centre, I have had the privilege of working in an environment that truly values education and strives for excellence. The team of tutors at Angle BeLearn is highly qualified and dedicated. They possess a deep understanding of the subjects they teach and are skilled at explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. they genuinely care about the progress and well-being of their students. I have witnessed firsthand the efforts made by the tutors to build strong relationships with the students, creating a supportive learning environment.the centre covers a wide spectrum of subjects to cater to the diverse needs of its students. The management's commitment to excellence, comprehensive subject coverage, and emphasis on regular assessments make it an excellent choice for students seeking quality tuition services. I would highly recommend Angle BeLearn Individual Tuition Centre to parents and students looking for a dedicated, student-centered approach to education.
shabna kshabna k
11:54 30 Sep 22
As a teacher at angle I must admit that the institution works in favour of both the student's and teacher's alike. Moreover they have their own set of study materials, question papers, quick revision notes and solutions which is helpful for both students and teacher's.Since they provide one to one teaching facilities, it would be quite easy for a teacher to understand the students level thus enabling them to take class in students pace. Moreover there is regular supervision on students achievement and attendance. Thus provided an constructive climate for all.All the departments give their best so as to fulfill their motto and vision.
anagha aravindanagha aravind
08:35 30 Sep 22
I am really happy to be the part of Angle. One teacher for one student is really good concept. All students will get individual attention. Flexible schedule for both students and teachers. Thank you Angle for giving me a wonderful opportunity and experience in the field of teaching.
Zubair K VZubair K V
06:40 01 Jul 18
Angle tuition centre provide regular tuition for classes 5 to 12 in Science commerce and humanities for State CBSE ICSE and IGCSE. They have special scheme to complete all subjects in 2 months core individual coaching by one student one teacher method

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Experience the Power of Our Personalized Online Physics Tuition

We offer personalised online physics tutoring, designed specifically for your child’s needs. Our skilled tutors in Kerala specialise in simplifying complex concepts, ensuring your child excels with confidence.

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Amish Affan


10th CBSE

“Angle transformed my struggle with math into confidence. Personalized lessons and a supportive tutor made learning enjoyable and effective, fitting perfectly into my schedule.”

Sana Mariyam


10th CBSE

“Angle’s expert guidance in physics and chemistry improved my grades and interest. The flexibility and global perspective of my tutors have been invaluable.”

Arjun Sreeraj


12th CBSE

“I’m grateful to Angle for revolutionizing my study habits. Their personalized tutoring not only improved my grades but also my self-confidence.”

Join The Best Online physics tuition In Kerala!

Online physics tuition provides personalised support to boost their understanding of their subjects and grades.

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How Personalized Tutoring
Can Improve Physics Grades

How Personalized Tutoring Can Improve Physics Grades

Improve your Physics grades with the best online physics classes and home tuition. Individual tuition targets your weaknesses and makes learning efficient and effective.

Focused on Your Weaknesses

We design classes targeting areas needing improvement, clarifying your doubts in every step and ensuring efficient learning.

Flexible Scheduling

Arrange classes to your convenience; choose the timing and duration of your lessons, accommodating your busy schedule without compromising on learning.

Customised Curriculum

We adapt teaching methods to match your child’s pace and learning style, optimising their understanding of each topic

Progress Tracking

Monitor your improvement with regular assessments, providing feedback to track your growth and adjust teaching strategies accordingly.

Individual attention

Receive dedicated support , allowing for personalised guidance and addressing specific challenges effectively

Interactive Learning

Engage in dynamic sessions that foster your active participation and deeper understanding of complex topics.

Convenient Learning Environment

Access learning from the comfort of your home while saving time on travelling.

The Benefits of One-on-One
Online Physics Tuition

The Benefits of One-on-One Online Physics Tuition

Increased Focus and Confidence

Individual classes ensure that your child gets undivided attention, increasing their focus and confidence in understanding difficult concepts in physics.

Enhanced Understanding

One to one classes provide the opportunity to delve deeper into difficult topics, making complex concepts easier

Direct Interaction with Experts

One on one tuition gives students direct access to expert tutors, providing immediate answers and explanations to their questions.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

One-to-one tuition focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are very essential in mastering physics.

Customised Learning Pace

Individual tuition classes allow students to learn at their own pace, making sure they fully grasp each topic before moving on.

Boosted Self-Esteem

One to one tuition nurtures a positive learning environment, empowering your child to build self-confidence in their abilities.

Effective Exam Preparation

Individualised attention in one on one classes enables focused exam preparation, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in physics exams.

Master physics with Our individual Tuition In Kerala!

Experience top-quality online physics tuition in Kerala. Sign up today for success

CBSE | ICSE | IGCSE | IB | State

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How to Create an Effective
Study Schedule for Physics

How to Create an Effective Study Schedule for Physics

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Define what you want to achieve in each study session. Clear goals keep you focused and make online physics tuition classes even more productive.

Prioritise Difficult Topics

Tackle the subjects and concepts that you find challenging first, when your mind is fresh. Online tuition classes can help clarify these tough areas.

Break Down Study Sessions

Divide your study sessions into manageable chunks with breaks in between. This prevents burnout and helps you keep motivated.

Review Regularly

Schedule regular review sessions to reinforce what you’ve learned. Consistent reviewing is key to long-term retention.

Stay Consistent

Stick to a regular timetable or study schedule. Consistency builds discipline and helps you establish a routine.

Track Your Progress

Keep a log of what you’ve studied and your progress. Tracking your achievements and seeing your improvements for yourself helps you stay motivated.

Seek Help When Needed

Feel free to ask for help during your online tuition classes. Our tutors can provide immediate feedback and clarification on difficult topics.

Top 10 Tips for
Succeeding in Physics Exams

Top 10 Tips for Succeeding in Physics Exams

Understand the Basics

Master fundamental concepts before moving on to advanced topics. A strong grasp of basics is crucial for solving complex problems.

Practice Regularly

Solve practice problems and past exam papers consistently. Regular practice helps reinforce concepts and improve problem solving skills.

Create a Study Schedule

Plan a balanced timetable or study schedule that covers all topics and subjects. Consistent, organised study sessions prevent last minute cramming and reduce stress.

Focus on Understanding Concepts

Prioritise truly understanding the concepts and principles rather than just memorising the facts. A deeper comprehension allows you to apply the knowledge to new problems effectively.

Concentrate on Problem-Solving

Learn various problem-solving strategies and apply them to different types of questions. This enhances your ability to tackle diverse problems.

Review and Revise

Regularly review and revise key concepts and problems. Repetition aids memory and keeps information fresh in your mind.

Form Study Groups

Form study groups with classmates, to quiz each other and work through difficult problems together. Discussing and explaining topics to each other can deepen your understanding, making studying more engaging.

Recheck your Work

Always review your answers and learn from your mistakes. Rechecking helps identify errors and understand where you went wrong, improving your accuracy.

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from teachers or tutors when you encounter challenging topics. By clarifying your doubts promptly, you can prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

Stay Positive and Confident

Maintain a positive attitude and believe in your ability to succeed. Confidence can significantly impact your performance in exams.


How can a physics teacher increase his students’ interest in the subject?

Physics teachers can boost their students’ interest by making their classes engaging and interactive. Using real-life examples, hands-on experiment, and using online resources can make the subject more relatable and exciting.

Is it easy to cover the syllabus with online tuition?

Yes, covering the syllabus with online tuition is convenient. We offer flexibility in scheduling, personalised attention, and access to quality resources, making it easier to cover the curriculum efficiently.

What is the tuition fee charged by Physics tutors?

Physics tutors typically charge around Rs. 450 per hour. This rate may vary based on the online tutor’s experience and your location.